Savings Estimator

Savings Estimator

Our forecasting product enables many new ways to cut electricity bills without noticeable impact on your business. For instance, implementing alternative work schedules, adopting peak shaving, leveraging on power storage facilities, strategically engaging backup or co-generating power facilities and so on. Here, we briefly demonstrate how much our product can save you by simply engaging only the first two measures.

For the purpose of simulation, we select the recent 7 days to compare the predicted results vs the actual results, and thus determine how much actual savings you will make if you had based your decision making on the predicted results.

In this simulation, the alternative work schedule is implemented by shifting your operations to the days with the least predicted average cost in the week. The peaking-shaving strategy is implemented by moving X% of peak Y hours' power consumption to Z off-peak hours, in order to cut down peak hour costs without sacrificing the total consumption amount.

Please enter your current operating days:

Enter daily operating hours using '-' to represent continous hours and ',' to separate discontinous hours. i.e 8-12,14-20 :

Enter hourly consumption in MW :

Enter X% of peak consumption you want to shift to off-peak hours. i.e 30% should enter 0.3 :

The follow chart shows the daily cost of various saving options: